Colour Accessibility & The Importance Of Accessibility Testing

Accessibility has become a hot topic in the digital world. As users demand more access to features which comply with the UK WCAG 2.2 laws, and businesses financially benefit from the £249 billion per year spent by members of the purple pound, accessibility is the term on everyone’s lips.

Focusing on colour accessibility in the digital world, we break down how colour affects your conversion rates, examples of how to cater your website to be more accessible and the revenue boom you can experience after implementing our top tips.

colour accessibility

This eBook will help you understand:

Colour Accessibility & Web Design

How colour affects your conversion rates, with examples

Accessibility Features

How can you improve your website's accessibility features

The Bigger Picture

In our lifetime, over 70% of us with internet access will require accessibility features

Next Steps

How to implement a strategy that ensures accessibility across your entire website or app

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