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Ensuring your web platform is accessible to all users

By acknowledging users with impairments and even slow internet connections, you’re letting them know that their rights matter, and that their business is valued.

With the internet being a primary source of information, entertainment and communication, and with up to 21% of adults requiring accessibility features, it’s vital not to underestimate the importance of web accessibility.  Your site or app needs to be perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

LV recognise the importance of providing accessible services. With 12% of visitors suffering visual or audio disabilities, they routinely run accessibility studies on key updates to their web platforms. We worked with LV to deliver an accessibility test within 4 days. The report highlighted critical and high impact accessibility errors that were immediately sent for resolution.  The accessibility testing works in tandem with the functional testing we carry out, all to achieve a better experience and improve conversions.

Accessibility Testing

What We Do For You

Using our Accessibility Testing service, you’ll get access to our team of accessibility-trained testers who will work to WCAG AA 2.1 standards to ensure your websites and mobile applications are inclusive.  Our testers identify accessibility issues and feed these back to our UK-based Operations Centre. These issues are re-tested and validated by our staff, then ranked in order of severity.

You’ll receive a report through our secure client portal, identifying all issues in order of importance so your technical team can address them accordingly.

We support you to ensure that your site or app provides an accessible and engaging customer experience to all users.

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  • “Digivante provide us with complete flexibility and coverage across the global platforms and devices that we need to test on.”

    Lorena Vacca, Global Business & Transformation Manager, Glh Hotels

    Case Studies
  • “Digivante’s service was a great insurance policy, allowing us to quickly fix bugs that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about.”

    Anil Mistry, Head of Apps & Games, Endemol

    Case Studies

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