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What Is Localisation Testing?

The online world has no geographical boundaries and you want to ensure you can say the same of your website or app. Our thorough localisation testing does exactly this. It covers linguistic, technical and visual checks, delivering the local knowledge you need to be truly global, with our

Professional Test Community spread across 149 countries.

For companies with a widespread global audience, translation or dialect issues can be challenging. If you’re lucky, you might have an internal team in each continent, but reaching the linguistic coverage you need to cater to your global audience is near impossible.

Our localisation testing identifies issues related to grammar and contextual issues. For example, incorrect linguistic terms, incorrect sizing options, and unlocalised payment options, which all affect your revenue and conversion rates. These issues can exist because of limited internal localisation development or research, which takes time and practice to perfect. Especially as almost every country has different online user expectations and baseline normalities.


Unlike any other testing company, our localisation testing is conducted using 2 distinct test packs:

– A pack is scripted and run to cover key journeys throughout the website taking only 2 days to complete.

– Exploratory tests are run to provide wider coverage, and to identify defects across the website. From beginning to end this test only takes 5 days to complete, including report production time.

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If you are a brand with a global audience, you want every single user to have a catered and personalised experience on your site.

If a user comes across an incorrect or unfamiliar payment option, or the currency hasn’t been localised correctly this will turn them away, as doubts concerning security and site reliability halt their customer journey.

Our localisation testing overcomes these issues using our global expert community that report back issues or bugs, along with valuable feedback on the most effective way to communicate your message, including any details on cultural subtleties.

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Localisation Testing


During a scoping call with one of our solutions consultants, we go through the entire localisation process highlighting any areas you specifically want to focus on and the timeline in which you want your results delivered. Once we have aligned our testing with your expectations, we then source compatible and trusted testers in our community that match your target global demographic and thoroughly brief them through our portal and in-house experts.

Your platform will then undergo extensive cosmetic testing, making sure that any translated text is not truncated and there is consistency shown in every language and location your site operates in. Giving you peace of mind that you are delivering a seamless customer experience.

We will then produce a comprehensive test report with actionable insight, supporting your technical teams on any necessary updates and promoting the growth of your global business.

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Burberry wanted to ensure their Japanese site matched user expectations and was easily understood by their target market. After an in-depth localisation test by Digivante, 49 defects were uncovered. These included translational, fluidity, content and localisation issues. Most issues centred around incorrect or too literal translations, as the website copy was directly translated from English to Japanese without context.

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For example, an impolite translation of the phrase ‘rest of the world’ was used. Digivante’s testers spotted this localisation issue and provided the correct translation, highlighting the impact of incorrect contextual translations on a global site.

But not all issues were translational. A fluidity issue that was identified appeared when using Google maps to locate the Japanese store. Instead of taking users onto the Japanese website from Google Maps, the UK site loaded instead.

Both these examples highlight the importance of including global localisation testers that can easily identify contextual translation issues. As well as testers that can thoroughly examine your site for any issues which affect conversion rates or customer retention quickly, subsequently reducing the negative effects of poor site localisation.

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  • “Digivante are a strategic partner of ours and shine light on real-world issues across our sites. We trust and rely on Digivante's unique and alternative testing model to bring us back real-world results on every cycle of testing delivered.”

    Peter Davies, E-commerce Programme Manager, Superdry

  • “Thanks to Digivante's validation and ranking of bugs, we were able to maximise conversions.”

    Richie Jones, Head of eCommerce, Jane Norman

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