Pricing ranging from £4k – £80k (per month) GBP.

A dedicated Digital Assurance partner, Digivante works with enterprises aiming to accelerate and scale their digital presence. By embracing our clients’ culture and imperatives, we diagnose and identify complex processes and gaps in quality, allowing our augmented team, global QA community of professional testers and expert advisers to continuously improve your quality and entire software delivery process.

Our fully managed service effectively integrates Digivante into your testing regime – to the level you choose – and to the cadence your business requires. Our size and speed capabilities ensure that whether you develop in Waterfall, Agile or DevOps (or how fast or frequent your dev/release cycles are), we can match you with a carefully devised, precisely controlled quality testing programme; giving you the confidence to maintain your growth strategy and continually hit your quality targets.

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How we work with you

Our product is implemented following expert consultancy to deliver an agreed strategy and plan that quickly allows your augmented team and global community of thousands of professional testers to continuously improve your entire software delivery process. We work seamlessly with internal teams or external development teams and system integrators.

In addition to our augmented teams and test execution capabilities every subscription customer is assigned a dedicated delivery lead and customer success consultant that work to understand your ever-changing business requirements, agree tangible success criteria, and consistently challenge and present new ways to improve overall quality and digital delivery.

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