Clear the fog

If glitches on your ecommerce website remain undetected, unreported and unaddressed, the knock-on effect on sales and revenues can be huge – and you may be blissfully unaware that there’s anything at all to worry about.

Conor Whelan, Chief Strategy Officer, explains how Digivante’s ecommerce conversion analytics tool, Convert, lifts the lid on issues that could be show-stoppers for your eTail business.

Could do better

Any business in the eTail space, either operating completely online or with an ecommerce arm, will struggle to identify what success looks like in terms of conversion rates, average order values and bounce rates. Working in isolation, businesses can only compare current figures with historical performance. They have no real insight into whether their ecommerce website is reaching its full potential.

You know how your business is doing today compared with last quarter, but it’s notoriously difficult to find out how it stacks up against your competitors. After all, they’re hardly likely to share their commercially sensitive data with you.

The mystery of the missing online customer

Isn’t customer feedback supposed to be a valuable source of intelligence? In reality, anecdotal reviews aren’t much help in understanding how well your site is functioning.

Digivante’s Convert was designed to address this scarcity of reliable information. Using deep analysis of the data for user behaviour on your website, the solution rapidly reveals the hidden problems undermining conversions. It is a fast and cost-effective detector of anomalies that hold back fast online revenue growth.

Analysing conversion rates

Digivante Convert analyses the user conversion rate across the mix of platforms, devices and browsers to identify which perform well and which are under-performing, separating out minor or cosmetic shortcomings from those that compromise the user experience.

You get a clear indication of which mix is failing, the potential financial implications of such failures, and a projection of the benefits to be achieved if you address these shortfalls.

You don’t have to go hunting for data hidden in spreadsheets and databases. The data comes to you in the shape of a dashboard, giving you a unified, holistic overview of all your key top-level statistics, plus easy-to-understand graphs. You can drill down to anything that warrants closer investigation.

Digivante Convert is for any eTail business that needs to see definitively what success looks like…

  • Track trends and understand visitor behaviour: A picture is worth a thousand words, and you’ll have an instant visualisation of performance and trends from your site over a chosen time-frame.

You can drill down to view the conversion funnel, showing each step in the conversion process, from visit to transaction, with comparable percentages. This helps you to spot possible areas of primary concern, such as where visitors drop off the radar, and prioritise lucrative quick wins.

  • Benchmark your business: See how you are performing compared with (anonymised) Digivante customers who compete in the same sector, and monitor whether you’re leading the field, tracking peer organisations or trailing behind. We include the best performer in your sector on each reported date.

Among the many areas you can compare and contrast are total revenue and user conversion statistics across a specified period; average order values; and pay-per-click (PPC) cost per conversion to optimise the return on your promotional investment. Meanwhile the bounce rate tracks the percentage of users who visit one page only before leaving your site, to assess your site’s stickiness compared with others in your sector.

  • Identify risks and opportunities: Using sophisticated calculations and built-in algorithms, Digivante Convert presents you with a clear statement of how much potential revenue could be lost annually, based on common platform/device/browser combinations that are your best and worst performers.

This equips you as never before to target under-performing areas with a remediation strategy to improve the user experience, build confidence in the brand, and increase sales and revenues. Using Digivante services, you can launch a range of tests to root out any defects, performance issues and user experience challenges that are driving down conversion rates.

Replace hunches with hard evidence

With our help, accessories retailer Claire’s experienced an “astonishing” (their word) 35% uplift in conversions in under four weeks. Meanwhile department store group House of Fraser saw conversions immediately jump 9% once the identified issues were fixed.

How could Digivante Convert help you gain competitive advantage and exceed your growth targets? If you would like to find out more speak to a Consultant today.