Ensuring a consistent user experience across multiple platforms

Today’s proliferation of devices and browsers means your user or customer base is highly fragmented and no assumptions can be made about the platforms being used. Through cross browser testing, also known as compatibility testing, Digivante helps you to uncover issues that might block conversion before your users do.

Digivante cross browser testing

How working with Digivante benefits your business

Our cross browser testing service uses defined test cases to ensure a consistent user experience across your chosen devices, operating systems and browser combinations. We execute a broad coverage of your website or app, including payment processing where applicable – such as in browser, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

In a rounded approach, we use our Convert tool to identify the devices to be tested, while our team of consultants will work with you to define a test case that achieves effective validation on your chosen platforms. We then test on real devices in the real world, harnessing the skills of our global community of over 50,000 professional testers.

Digivante cross browser testing

What we'll deliver

Your testing project starts with an initial discussion to understand the coverage you need, your testing objectives and any pain points or known issues in the user journey. You may want an exploratory of these issues for certainty that they have been resolved.

We help to eliminate functional defects common to all devices and provide browser, device or operating system-specific defects. The output of the testing will undergo detailed analysis, which is summarised and reported in your preferred format, such as a written report, a presentation or raw data. Detailed steps show how to reproduce the defect, with screenshots and videos where applicable.

Cross browser testing may be carried out as a mid-life check, ahead of a major release to ensure continued compliance, or in parallel with post-release testing to identify potential problems on newly released websites and apps.

Why choose Digivante for cross browser testing

No emulator, however good, can guarantee the identical experience to using a device and its installed browser. That’s why we test on real devices, giving you greater confidence in the results we return.


The defects found by our community of testers are moderated before we report back to you. We ensure they can be reproduced, are clear, prioritised and actionable. As a result, you can quickly produce your remediation plan and start addressing the priority issues.


Cross browser testing by Digivante ensures a consistent experience across multiple platforms. Follow the button below to speak to a consultant and we’ll call you back to discuss how this service delivers: 


– A powerful combination of consultancy, testing tools and hands-on testing.
– Focus on the areas that could damage your revenues or reputation.
– Testing on actual devices, rather than using an emulator, for accurate results and reduced risk.


Find out more about how Digivante can help you optimise your digital performance, speak to a solution consultant today.