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Our software testing services

Our range of services and testing platform easily slot into your software development lifecycle, so you can deliver new, high quality features to market faster.

Expert QA services to transform your digital products

Digivante’s QA and testing services go way beyond making sure new code passes through the next review or sprint. We help you build quality into everything you do, so users get a great experience and you can extend dwell time and increase revenues.

50 tester days in 24 hours

Dramatically reduce your test window and root out issues faster than you ever thought possible. We can deliver the equivalent of 50 days of testing in just 24 hours.

24×7 global testing coverage

No need to stop coding to run tests. We’ll test when your team has gone home for the night or over a weekend.

300+ device, browser, OS combinations

Scale your device coverage with testing across 300+ device, browser and platform combinations.

Fast high-quality crowdtesting

Discover how Digivante empower businesses to elevate their digital experiences and achieve unparalleled success.

What our customers say

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“For me personally, the greatest gain in working with Digivante is being able to go back to our stakeholders with confidence, assured of the quality of the delivery and with data to back this up.”

Jack Duncan
User Acceptance Test Manager

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“Digivante could really demonstrate the impact of their usability studies, showing how revenue was lost because of issues, and the improvements after their recommendations had been implemented.”

Rajinder Bhuri
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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“Testing for Letter from Santa is a massive burden… with the speed and volume that Digivante achieves, it was such a relief to have them working with us.”

Lee Bellingham
Digital Project Manager

Our crowdtesting and reporting portal

Our testing portal allows our clients, our Test Leads and our crowd testers to interact on testing projects in real-time. Its advanced reporting gives you actionable insights about your test runs, putting crucial information about the quality of each release cycle at your fingertips.

More confident decision-making

Long-term partnerships

We’re not just there as a lifeline when things go wrong. We offer a welcome helping hand with planning, delivery or specialist input at any stage of a project.

Straight talking

Our methods and our findings are always transparent, always accessible. There’s no jargon, no secrecy. We make it easy for you to understand the impact on consumer end-users of the issues we uncover.

Happier teams

With Digivante handling digital quality, you can ease pressures and stress for all your development teams. Avoid burn-out. Improve cohesion. Reduce complaints. Your project’s pace picks up and morale rises at the same time.

How we support you in your role

Your priorities are our priorities. And depending on your mission and role, you’ll have your own goals and perspectives on QA. Our team works with professionals at all levels and in a variety of functions – we’ll adopt your focus to make sure our support and expertise hit the mark every time.

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Technology leaders

Let Digivante take care of your QA testing so you can focus on bigger plans. Digital quality is essential to deliver transformative experiences that will grow your business. Our team works with yours to make sure the impact of your digital transformation initiatives isn’t diluted because of avoidable issues. We exist to help you make big, bold, lasting change happen – on your terms, and at your rapid pace.

Software engineers discussing plans

Software engineering leaders

With Digivante supporting your Dev team, you can rely on fast and accurate testing, even when time is extremely tight. We have the testing resources you need on tap – with experienced Test Leaders managing our crowd every step of the way. We’re ready to step in when you need more hands on deck or if you need a long-term trusted QA partner.

Project management session

Digital product owners

You can afford to have confidence in your product when you know that Digivante has done the digital quality testing. Build our service in throughout the development process and we’ll take pressure off your team so they can perform at their best. We’re responsive and deliver quickly, we have a global testing community at our fingertips and we report clearly and continually on progress and results.

A team gathered around a computer screen

QA leaders

Stake your reputation on us. We know you need a trusted partner that you can depend on to meet deadlines and diffuse pressures when you’re responsible for high-profile app and site development. We’re fast and fastidious: we’ll give you the clear information and action points you need to direct your team to land a successful project.

eBook: The importance of mobile app testing

Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide with most of that now coming from mobile apps. But what challenges come with having a poor quality mobile app?

Learn more about the importance of mobile app testing, the benefits and how to do it efficiently.

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