Testing mobile device software for functionality, consistency and usability

The challenge

The ever-expanding range of mobile devices has led to massive fragmentation of operating systems (and their variations), screen sizes and more. Meanwhile, mobiles are now the preferred way of buying online, with m-commerce far outstripping ecommerce in recent years.

The unstoppable rise of mobile makes a ‘mobile first’ approach paramount. This puts extra pressure on the development lifecycle and places a high priority on cross-platform testing. Every single mobile user in your growing base expects your website or app to deliver a streamlined, intuitive experience on their chosen platform.

Using Mobile Smartphone App

Our expertise

Digivante was founded in 2011, the year that worldwide smartphone sales overtook sales of PCs for the first time. We apply our experience in mobile testing and in-depth knowledge of best practice to your development project, reducing the pressure on in-house teams and bringing an objective perspective to your apps and websites.

No emulator, however good, can guarantee the identical experience to using a device and its installed browser. For this reason, we deploy real users in real time. Our testers work in an environment that reflects reality, with all the interruptions and sub-optimal network conditions that involves.

Our services for mobile testing

We provide a range of related services to ensure your websites and apps perform well and are easy to use on mobile devices:

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  • Every support to develop a high quality, user-friendly app that your customers love to use