Team Augmentation – FAQs

Team Augmentation – FAQs2024-06-10T09:42:59+00:00
What sort of work does an augmented team member do?2022-01-06T10:07:13+00:00

If you augment your team with a Digivante QA expert, they’ll:

  • conduct static (requirement) reviews
  • conduct Sprint (scope) reviews
  • write test cases
  • write Gherkin
  • manage functional testing
  • manage system integration testing
  • manage crowd-testing
  • identify process improvements
We have hundreds of issues in backlog – our dev team couldn’t cope with any more2022-01-06T10:10:22+00:00

An overstretched development team can be prone to making more mistakes, which incur costs and lead to even more testing. In our approach to QA, we seek to improve your capacity for dealing with software issues. The test cases we write are clear and simple to follow, even for non-tech people, so it’s easier to prioritise issues and deal with them quickly.

What does augmented teams mean in relation to QA?2022-01-06T10:18:01+00:00

Team augmentation in QA means supplementing your team with Digivante people led by a Digivante senior tester. You’ll increase capacity and quickly get the advantage of an experienced group of testers. The augmented team members embed themselves into your software development lifecycle and the wider businesses. They bring expertise in QA strategy and execution and can call on all Digivante resources to support your project.

What testing capabilities do you cover?2022-01-06T10:30:35+00:00

Our testing capabilities are listed here. We cover a broad range including regression testing, accessibility testing, test automation, usability testing and more. We provide consultancy, service management and team augmentation. We deliver crowdtesting through our global Digivante professional tester community.