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What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing is the key service that all industries and platforms need to perform.


Why? Because functional tests quality assure your site by guaranteeing your digital platform works exactly how you want it to.


Inappropriate redirects, 404 pages, incorrect filter results, limited platform optimisation, and checkout issues all reduce your conversion rates and revenue. Functional testing identifies these issues using non-disruptive methods and orders them using impact analytics.


In most cases, bugs are introduced when a website’s core code hasn’t been updated to be compliant with new functionality or add-ons. This could be due to technological advancements or a change in the website platform. Keeping on top of these changes is difficult and time-consuming for internal teams. Digivante’s community are specialists that can help you with all your website focused needs.


Let’s face it, you only get one chance at a first impression, and if your visitors are faced with a site that fails to work correctly on their device, they may abandon your site.


Unlike other companies, we place you and your users at the centre of our test process. Together, your representatives and our internal teams will go through each step of the test process, giving you the ability to cater your functional test to fit a certain performance-based criterion.

In partnership, we discuss your desired outcomes for the test and future brand development, by recommending practices that are proven to increase the usability and quality of your site. This, in turn, improves your brand prestige, user retention, and revenue.

We focus on quality at speed delivered by real people on real devices, providing you with 90 days’ worth of testing in just 72 hours, covering up to 300 device and browser combinations. Our results are delivered in hours not weeks and we pride ourselves on the quality of our tests, shown through detailed reports and internal reviewing processes.

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Functional Testing

Why Do You Need Functional Testing?

If you are undergoing a re-platform, launching a new feature or working to a regular release schedule; functional testing is a must for ensuring conversion rates and digital performance are maximised throughout this process.


Whether you want a large scale test that covers all bases from menu navigation to payment, or you have a more specific area of your website you want us to test on, our service can be catered to you and your business requirements.


With 75% of purchases now being made on mobile, tablet and laptop, ensuring your site matches baseline loading speeds, and has an optimised platform layout should be a top priority in all businesses. For app focused brands, testing improves quality and security, pushing your app higher up the Google app store list and increasing app status.


We know that keeping on top of the digital movement can be difficult and with new smartphones being released every month, this can be a costly task. With time and business costs stacked against you, scoping out information can be a daunting task. But at Digivante we work in partnership with you and your teams to ensure complete device and platform optimisation, which is secure and documented throughout the process.

The Digivante Way

After a short scoping call with one of our Solutions Consultants, we communicate to our internal teams and global community the exact testing requirements that fit your business case goals. Clearly labelling any out of scope explorations, ensuring our testers only focus on bugs that will benefit your business.


All our testers are examined and evaluated on a frequent basis by our in-house community managers, guaranteeing the quality of our testing service and putting the only highest rated testers onto your website. On average our testers have 7 years of experience in the industry, and all testers must comply with our legally encompassing security contracts.


Once the test has been completed and all bugs have gone through a 3-step validation process, your solutions consultant will arrange a triage call to discuss the highest impacting bugs, displayed on our client-focused portal. Your internal teams can then get to work correcting any website bugs that are reducing your revenue and conversion rate, instantly boosting user loyalty and website quality.

Functional Testing


TK Maxx knew the value Digivante could provide as they embarked on an ambitious digital transformation and we were there to help them along their way.

TKmaxx Functional Testing

We delivered over 116 workdays of testing in just 4 days. This resulted in identifying several conversion-impacting critical issues.

We tested on 400 different device/browser combinations and verified every issue in-house, producing bug reports with clear reproducible steps and video evidence. A crucial role in ensuring TK Maxx’s launch was successful.

Whether you’re in the IT world or the ecommerce industry, functional tests are essential to maintain website health, optimisation and security throughout the growth and development of your site.

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  • “Digivante are a strategic partner of ours and shine light on real-world issues across our sites. We trust and rely on Digivante's unique and alternative model to bring us back real-world results on every cycle delivered.”

    Peter Davies, E-commerce Programme Manager, Superdry

  • “Digivante play such an important part in the Audi digital strategy. Digivante cover off all the testing for us and produce results back to us with the highlighted issues within days.”

    Anthony Roberts, Head of Digital, Audi

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