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Protecting your customers and business against hackers and GDPR fines

In a world of digital information, and headlines about data breaches – any security breach, no matter how minor, puts your customers, business and reputation at risk.  Our dedicated team of security experts know where and what to look for to identify vulnerabilities and protect you from hacking.

We consistently identify critical security vulnerabilities that traditional penetration tests never pick up. The reason is scale. Why have only one or two security experts test your application when you can have 100?

Security Testing

What we do for you

All our security testing starts with an analysis and evaluation of the security of your platform. This includes its infrastructure, network, database and application exposure layers. Our researchers use the same techniques as cybercriminals would, but at a massive scale.

The results are delivered via our secure client portal, providing you with all the information to prevent and rectify any gaps in your platform security.

For additional threat protection, we can deliver Always on Security that guarantees experts probing threats on your application 365 days a year.

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Usability Study

  • “Digivante’s service was a great insurance policy, allowing us to quickly fix bugs that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about.”

    Anil Mistry, Head of Apps & Games, Endemol

    Case Studies
  • “Digivante play such an important part in the Audi digital strategy. Digivante cover off all the testing for us and produce results back to us with the highlighted issues within days.”

    Anthony Roberts, Head of Digital, Audi

    Case Studies

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