To attract new customers and keep your existing base happy, you need to regularly offer a new experience on your website or apps. Right now, in response to the pandemic, many organisations are working harder than ever to boost their digital presence and extend their online offering.

Of course, any issues introduced by new code must be identified and resolved before it is allowed anywhere near a user. However hard you try, whatever checks and balances you apply, new code can trigger problems in seemingly unconnected areas of a site or app.

Regular regression testing of new features and functionality during the product lifecycle to review the impact on existing sites and apps is undoubtedly a time-consuming, resource-hungry task. This creates a dilemma for product development teams: in the drive to get enhancements out of the door, it’s tempting to cut corners and side-line rigorous testing. At the same time, stinting on testing invariably leads to diminishing product quality, causing frustration for your website visitors and app users.

Ultimately, both usability and conversion rates suffer, with a corresponding impact on corporate reputation and revenues.

Quick off the starting-blocks

Here at Digivante, we can help you meet tight project deadlines without any compromise on testing. Some of the world’s favourite brands come to us for fast app and website regression testing by a global army of real people. Our testers don’t just focus on the new functionality, as an internal team might do; they test across the whole breadth of a site or app.

And by ‘fast’, we’re talking about telescoping the testing phase down from several weeks to mere days, even down to hours where we have built an efficient, collaborative relationship with your teams.

Armed with specially written regression test packs, our community of testers are masters at bringing unidentified defects into the light across an agreed range of platforms, prioritising the most commonly used device and browser combinations.

Incidentally, once we’ve created the test pack, they need just 24 hours’ lead time to start your testing assignment.

Work fast, without putting quality at risk

In this way, agile testing becomes an integral part of the way you release new enhancements. For example, with our help, multi-asset trading company ADSS now tests all new functionality for 24 hours as standard before going live, including localisation testing to check it is fit for purpose within the Asian market.

The last thing we want to do at Digivante is overwhelm or depress your development team! That’s why we closely monitor and manage our community of testers to ensure our feedback is accurate and actionable.

There will be more on this in my next post: Turning testing into a positive experience; so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you could find out more about regression testing and our services or speak to a Consultant today.

Published On: July 29th, 2020 / Categories: Business case for..., Regression Testing /