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Regression testing delivered in 4 hours

Regression testing doesn’t have to take days or even weeks to be deliveredWith a global community of

55,000 professional testers in 149 countries

our testing approach takes just 4 hours for a full regression test to be completed on your site. 

Our regression testing examines your existing system and key customer journeys to pinpoint and cater the testing process to fit your business outcomes. This includes identifying any high-risk areas you want to focus on, which might have been affected by site updates or changes.   


Unlike other regression testing providers, we can test on non-live sites. Meaning even if your site is undergoing development you can have confidence that your sites baseline structure is constantly stable, regardless of frequent updates or changes.

We know that business needs and aims change all the time, so we review and edit all our scripts to fit your changing requirements throughout the testing process. This is something automated testing simply cannot do without stopping the entire test and pushing back your expected completion date.

And we test 24/7, no matter what time of day or night, our professional testers are working.  

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The Digivante Way

Our in-house teams are regression testing experts currently working with clients such as Dyson, Superdry and Online retailer of the year 2019 Direct Wines.

By working in partnership with a solutions consultant and our internal teams, we create test cases which can execute up to 200 scripted tests in 4 hoursSpecifically designed to encompass all your target areas, performing key customer journeys. 

Starting from the time the test began, up until a completed and qualified defect report, our testing is quicker and more thorough than any other service out there, including automated testing. And all our testers are frequently examined with an average testing experience of 7 yearsmeaning only the best and most qualified testers view your site.   

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With over 50 consecutive years in the wine industry, Direct Wines had already earned an international brand reputation. But as the company continued to grow an increased amount of emphasis was placed on improving online user experiences. 

Direct Wines Logo

After an initial and successful proof of concept test, Digivante and Direct Wines formed a business partnership, which focused on improving digital experiences through website testing.  

After scoping out key performance targets and site pain points, Digivante constructed a test pack using their Release solution, which specialised in regression testing that fit Direct Wine’s release schedule. Since working with Digivante, conversion rates have improved on both mobile and tablet, with mobile user conversions increasing by 16%. Additionally, was awarded Online Retailer of the Year 2019 by the IWC because of their fantastic online experience and product offering. 


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