Testing application workflows with real user scenarios

The challenge

Professional end to end testing (E2E testing) ensures components display as designed and that data flows smoothly, is processed correctly and generates a valid output. E2E testing involves replicating real user scenarios so that the system can be validated for integration and data integrity.

To get all this right and add real value to the development process, key scenarios must be identified to ensure comprehensive coverage across the necessary phases of testing.

Software engineers working on project and programming in company

Our expertise

At Digivante, we are meticulous in our approach to E2E testing, identifying the core coverage required, any ‘edge cases’ for possible consideration, and working with our enterprise clients to ensure test planning is scheduled to reflect their priorities.

We are able to swiftly deploy a large and global community of testers to provide coverage across key devices, browsers, and operating systems. They put an application through its paces, in the same way the target audience will do, bringing no preconceptions to how it ‘should’ interact with hardware, network connectivity, external dependencies, databases, and other applications.

While E2E testing is usually executed on completion of system integration testing, it can be undertaken at different stages, including as part of user acceptance testing, and for different purposes, such as validating connectivity/integration between all the components, or simply to ensure the scenario or journey under test can be achieved.

Our services for end to end testing

Our team has years of collective experience in testing best practice, with a proven track record across a wide range of clients, domains and disciplines. This gives us unparalleled ability to consult in an advisory capacity to help you identify areas for improvement or refinement and to ensure you achieve maximum value from our testing services.

Services associated with end to end testing include:

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  • Support to identify priority scenarios for a scheduled release
  • Verification that software has been meticulously tested at every stage, creating confidence in the outcome
  • Validation of the user/customer journey