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Take a look inside the Digivante Portal

In three short videos, our solutions consultant Miles Millward takes you through some of the key features of the Digivante Portal.

Part 1 – Test Coverage

Part 2 – Device Coverage

Part 3 – Bug Reports


Our collaboration begins with an in-depth discussion to assess your requirements. Once agreed, your project is launched to our fully certified testers.

Project Launch

You are assigned a dedicated Test Project Manager, responsible for scheduling your testing. Our agile teamwork around you to accommodate any timing restrictions, such as late development or a tight deadline requiring immediate attention.

Project Management

We’ll keep you updated at each stage of your testing and anything of high concern will be flagged immediately. You can also access and review your project in real time through our client portal.

Project Preparation

Our specialist team reviews, de-duplicates and recreates all issues, ensuring high accuracy and detail. Results can be accessed at any time through the client portal.

Results Focused

At the end of your fully managed project, you’ll receive a comprehensive test report. Your Test Project Manager will guide you through it, addressing any concerns that arise from the results or that come to light while fixing the issues.

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