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Simon Jersey Increased Revenue by 16% in Two Weeks, But How?

Discover how Simon Jersey avoided disappointing their customers as they prepared to launch a new website with additional functionality, perfectly localised for European customers.

Who is Simon Jersey?

Leading workwear and uniform marketplace, Simon Jersey, was preparing to relaunch their website with additional functionally. Driven to improve revenue, UX and performance, Simon Jersey turned to the Digivante global testing community.

The Challenge

After 12 months of hell from the last web launch due to a lack of testing, Simon Jersey was determined to thoroughly seek out professional testers who could provide a clear, high-quality testing process.


The process

Simon Jersey’s extensively localised website was purposefully designed to cater towards many European customers. However, the brand’s large-scale product range and detailed localisation meant that internal beta testing was no longer able to take on the website relaunch, as well as the inclusion of a new function. So, Digivante took on the project.

The stats

– 355 testers were used and collectively performed 260 hours of work over a two-testing cycle process.
– 324 bugs were identified. Including 5 critical, 60 conversion and 259 customer experience issues.
– Of the bugs identified these included layout and validation issues, button issues and broken links.

The results

Avoiding lengthy and costly delays in the new website roll out through quick and effective testing has given Simon Jersey confidence in their online presence. The company also benefited from a significant increase in turnover and revenue, without having to lose face as their competitors wrestle to deploy technically intricate websites.

A number of issues were identified that would have impacted on actual purchases – including incorrect pricing, limited ability to purchase some products, and payment errors. Having the security that the site would be thoroughly tested by a team of highly skilled professionals, ready for the website launch, gave Simon Jersey confidence in their branding and re-launching their website.


  • We saw a 16% revenue increase within the first two weeks and a significantly improved profit margin.

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