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Are you starting to deliver larger and more complex projects where the need for comprehensive testing is only going to grow in importance?

Are you thinking of hiring testers internally? Or using contractors?

Do you struggle to retain your top testers or justify the cost of continually having to grow your test team?

These are some of the reasons we work with dozens of digital agencies and systems integrators. We provide the best of both worlds – cost-effective and flexible engagements that deliver superior test and device coverage in very short spaces of time.

Some agencies are happy to refer us to their clients for a test before an important web launch. Others white-label our service and have it as an extra string to their bow to help win new business. We will work in the way that best suits your organisation’s needs.

What we do for you

We support our agency partners with a number of different testing services. From functionality, usability and security to accessibility and performance. We guide you through the process of setting up the test, scoping the project and presenting the results. This can be through your internal teams or direct with the client.

All issues identified by our testers are verified by our review team to ensure the issue is unique and can be reproduced. With two-way JIRA integration, you can see the test results in your own DevOps environment or through our secure client portal and dashboard. Our reports provide you with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and video recordings of the bugs.

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