A collection of guides, eBooks and other resources that share Digivante’s thought leadership on Digital Transformation and QA-related topics. 

Website Testing: The Complete Guide For 2021

Every business should have a high-quality website that meets the growing demands of digitisation. In 2021, it’s time to better understand website testing.
Complete Website Testing Guide 2021

Preparing For Peak Periods in the Ecommerce Calendar

We’ve distilled years of Digivante experience into essential actions for any ecommerce business preparing for a busy period – whether you’re working around high points in the retail calendar, launching a new product or planning for seasonal variations.

preparing for peak periods

Master These Core Enterprise Capabilities to Advance Your Digital Transformation

According to Gartner “Digital transformation leaders are emerging, achieving growth and enterprisewide competitive advantage by excelling in strategy and execution. CIOs can learn about five transformative enterprise capabilities underpinning their success, as shown by our in-depth research with leading organizations.”

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Colour Accessibility & The Importance of Accessibility Testing

Accessibility has become a hot topic in the digital world. As users demand more access to features which comply with the UK WCAG 2.1 laws, and businesses financially benefit from the £249 billion per year spent by members of the purple pound, accessibility is the term on everyone’s lips.

Focusing on colour accessibility in the digital world, we break down how colour affects your conversion rates, examples of how to cater your website to be more accessible and the revenue boom you can experience after implementing out top tips.

colour accessibility

Improving Conversion Rates Through Digital Performance Management and Strategic Website Testing

There may not be one single, obvious reason why and where your conversion rate is being impacted.

One or more bugs, usability issues or problems with new functionality could be leaking revenue and damaging your reputation.

That’s why we wrote this guide – to help you protect and grow your conversion rate.

improving conversion rate

2021 CIO Agenda: Global Perspectives on ‘Seize This Opportunity for Digital Business Acceleration'

Digital business acceleration may feel like a temporary strategic focus in response to COVID-19, but CIOs and other leaders are making a mistake that could cost the enterprise if they treat acceleration like this. The accelerated pace of digital business will likely prove to be permanent in markets and industries. Letting up on digitalization opens the way for competitors.

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The Ultimate Web Testing Checklist

Before any online launch, every small detail needs to be examined, tested and analysed with a fine-tooth comb. But your website testing strategy should continue long after your launch date. This checklist will equip you with specific touch-points for each area of testing from accessibility to usability.

website testing checklist

How to Improve Customer Experiences in Digital Commerce Payments

Poor customer experience during the digital commerce payment process hampers sales conversion rates and leaves revenue on the table. Application leaders can use this research to identify best practices that will improve the customer payment experience and optimize sales conversion rates.

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