Meeting the need for speed with a 24-hour turnaround

When you’re working in an agile way, you need to find defects in apps and on websites as quickly as possible, without compromising on delivering quality releases.

Scripted or automated testing might indicate whether a particular customer journey works as intended, but will not necessarily reveal bugs beyond specific boundaries. These come to light only when the app or website is in front of real users, potentially affecting conversions and customer retention.

Digivante agile testing

How working with Digivante benefits your business

Trying to create a realistic testing environment in-house could set your release date back by weeks. But at Digivante, we believe quality and speed are not mutually exclusive. We will work with you to ensure tests are run when needed, without putting obstacles in the way of achieving your delivery targets.

Many clients opt to run tests outside normal working hours to reduce the impact on delivery timelines. We can meet this requirement by quickly mobilising our global community of 55,000 testers in 160 countries, who work across every time zone. We understand that delivery timelines slip and the testing schedule can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Digivante agile testing

What we'll deliver

We take the waiting out of testing while delivering quality results. Agile testing by Digivante replicates the random, unscripted real-world behaviour and decision-making of your target users. What’s more, our testers add value beyond defect detection by proactively identifying opportunities for new features and functionality.

Testing can be scheduled for any point past the start of a sprint or after the development cut-off to return results in readiness for the next sprint.


Why choose Digivante for agile testing

Some of the world’s most trusted B2B and B2C brands choose Digivante for agile testing, confident that this managed service will reveal the obstacles to conversion:


– Testing at speed on a global scale helps in developing quality products that meet users’ expectations for stability and consistently high performance.
– Digivante testers uncover an average of 200 defects against test environments and an average of 100 when run against the live environment.
– As well as adaptable testing schedules, testers from specific countries, and tests outside office hours, we offer exceptional levels of flexibility on testing any device/browser/operating system combination.


Digivante helps you to balance creating a streamlined user experience with meeting demanding deadlines. Follow the button below to speak to a consultant and we’ll call you back to discuss how this service delivers:


– A loop of ongoing, actionable feedback in real-time, so optimisation work can be rapidly prioritised.
– A global perspective, with testers in almost 160 countries collectively providing round-the-clock testing.
– Vast experience in uncovering issues at speed – typically 5% critical, 20% conversion blockers, 75% related to the customer experience.


Find out more about how Digivante can help you optimise your digital performance, speak to a solution consultant today.