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What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is vital to ensure your platform reflects the needs of real users, with a smooth and convenient online service closely linked to consumer brand loyalty. We put your platform through testing with real users, matching your customer demographic.

Unlike functional bugs, UX bugs are subject to emotional opinion and are often brought to attention when something ‘doesn’t feel right or like it’s working correctly’.

Difficulty finding products viewed on social media, no autofill functionalities and lacking delivery information all come under the bracket of UX issues. These bugs do not prevent users from performing conversions, instead, they elicit doubt or worry as the website fails to follow non-official industry requirements.


Our usability service has helped many different websites in different industries to cater their platform to their specific user’s needs and expectations.

With access to varied demographics from around the world, we work with you to identify your target demographics and carefully select genuine users that closely match your customer base.

This means the results you get are directly comparable to the behaviour of your customers.

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Usability Study


We work with you to determine the best set of usability tests to achieve your defined goals. And then align these goals with your specified customer demographics, selecting the corresponding trusted users in our database, and providing them with a clear and specific brief to follow.

We provide you with videos of our UX testers navigating your site or app while answering questions from your brief and providing their personal feedback. Our in-house UX team will then run a full analysis of all the video feedback, and present a conclusive report that includes instantly actionable recommendations for change, categorised by priority.

These results support your decision-making process by providing meaningful evidence-based changes to your digital customer journey, increasing visitor satisfaction, and overall performance.

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By putting your website through comparative analysis by Digivante-trusted users that match your demographic, you receive real-world recommendations and customer insights that improve user journeys. This places your website above your competitors as seamless user experiences and increased customer loyalty is seen across the board.

Digital customers are 10 times more likely to come back to a website that matches their expectations, even if it means abandoning a previously loved brand or site. 

Our users can provide valuable insight covering, but not limited to :

  • Layout preference
  • Lead and payment form improvement
  • User journey recommendations
  • Competitor analysis upon request

Increasing your customer-focused intelligence and test-sourced changes means that your internal teams get a more sophisticated understanding of your customer demographic and their digital expectations. Unlike automated or non-existent tests, our usability testing will also uncover graphical issues, inconsistent branding and lacking site performance. 

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Superdry wanted to comparatively investigate the user experience on their website after a huge redesign project to ensure their new platform matched customer expectations and to understand exactly what customers thought of the redesign.

Digivante Superdry Client

Using Superdry’s specific customer profile, Digivante launched a usability project on the Superdry site, using selected participants from Digivante’s community of expert testers, to examine the two sites side by side.  

The testers then reported their findings and preferences back to the Digivante portal through audio and visual examples. Our inhouse usability analysts then examined and quality controlled the results using heuristic principles, with the results being summarised in a report format. 

From this usability test 4 high priority issues were raised against the redesign, as well as 2 key redesign areas that were identified by users as being preferable to the previous design.


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  • “Digivante are a strategic partner of ours and shine light on real-world issues across our sites. We trust and rely on Digivante's unique and alternative model to bring us back real-world results on every cycle of testing delivered.”

    Peter Davies, Head of Multi-Channel Systems, Superdry

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